The European Parliament, with an overwhelming majority, has finally voted in favor of a ban on disposable plastic. 560 members voted in favor, 35 against, and 28 abstentions.

The reason behind the ban on plastic straws is because of the damages it has caused to our planet. Plastic straws are one of the biggest pollutants in the world. Every year over 36 billion plastic straws are used and thrown away in Europe.

Most of it is either dumped in landfills or ends up in the ocean because it can’t decompose. Once in the ocean, plastic straws are extremely dangerous to marine life because it can be mistaken for food. Every year one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed from plastic in our oceans

“We are at risk of choking our oceans in plastic, with a knock-on effect on our food chain and human health,” said Frans Timmermans, the vice president of the European Commission

What now?

There are many options, but the only one we believe is the best replacement for plastic straw.

Harmony Straw is an earth-friendly alternative to harmful plastic straws. Harmony Straws are 100% Natural and biodegradable made from nothing but natural wheat, straws made from straw – The original straw!

At Harmony Straw we use wheat stems to make our straws, the stems are the by-product of wheat production which mean we don’t need to grow or harvest an additional plant in the making of our straws

How can your straws be made out of wheat stems and still be Gluten-free? Hmm interesting well…

Gluten is stored in the grain part of the plant, and not naturally in the stem that we use to make our straws, Harmony Straw™ has also been tested with the result classified as Gluten-free according to existing standards.

Oh btw did we mention that Harmony Straws also goes with your HOT and cold (obvious) drink?