What length are your straws?
The 100 pack straws length is 20 cm but we can customize the straw length for your business, feel free to reach the requirements to us at [email protected] 🙂

Is wheat better than a PLA or ’Bioplastic’ straw?
Yes, the reason of it the wheat straws are biodegradable products which mean they break down and return without polluting the nature. Meanwhile PLA/Bioplastic breaks up into smaller and smaller pieces of microplastic and probably will never disappear.

Is wheat better than a paper straws?
Yes and here’s why:
No need of deforestation like the production of paper straw but instead we use the by-product of wheat production.
We don’t need to grow or harvest plant in the making of our straws.
Our wheat straws can handle hot & cold drinks.
It doesn’t soggy like the paper straws.

Are they reusable?
Absolutely! You can wash it and reuse it 2-3 times more.

I have a gluten or wheat allergy; can I use your drinking straws?
Our straws are Gluten-free and not made for consumption. We always recommend you to ask your doctor.

How can your straws be made out of wheat stems and still be Gluten-free? Hmm interesting well…

Gluten are stored in the grain part of the plant, and not naturally in the stem that we use to make our straws, Harmony Straw™ has also been tested with the result classified as Gluten-free according to existing standards.

Do you only make straws?
At the moment but we’re on a planet friendly mission… join us!

How can I follow the movement?
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And don’t forget to be gentle to mother earth 🙂