Because they don’t get soggy: Compared to other
alternative as paper straws, Harmony straws don’t get
soggy while using them, as they will last forever in your
choice of beverage. 

Because of its natural structure:

The feeling you get from using harmony straws will be nothing short of excellence. Because it offers a pleasant experience since it will feel soft and the suction is perfect.

Just add nature: While other straw materials such as bioplastic 
and sugar cane need industrial installations to
biodegrade, where as our straws needs nothing more
than raw nature to decompose.

At Harmony we aim to prevent plastic pollution directly from the source.

An eco friendly straw that is 100% natural, biodegradable straws. Making it the perfect substitute over other straws.

Our idea is simple. We offer the most sustainable straw on the market, made from nothing but wheat.

The plastic straws are now outdated and doesn’t match up with our wheat straws simply because it is not as friendly to mother earth.

So when you’re using our straws you are not only helping mother earth, Saving Animals that currently suffering from the pollution. Each and every animal on earth has as much right to be here as us.

Harmony Straw

Our main reason to replace the overused plastic straw to wheat straws is based upon the facts that: the plastic straws in a single year kill an estimate of 100 million marine lives each year – just from the plastic pollution.

And worse than that over another million seabirds die from simply mistaking the plastic straws for food.

This is a global issue that we at Harmony straws are firmly
dedicated to solve, by offering you the most sustainable.